Alberta’s Permanent Roofing offers superior residential and commercial metal roofing services for all kinds of homes and businesses, Lloydminster, Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, and many other Alberta communities. Our roofing Lloydminster contractors take pride in being able to offer great customer service with all our metal roofing solutions. Many past clients have recommended our services to their friends, and others have written reviews about our work. Our company is proud that these client reviews confirm our commitment to delivering quality service with lasting results.

"The crew was friendly and efficient and the affordable roof looks terrific. What a relief not having to worry about it again!"

Catherine Owen

"We needed a new roof but had no idea how to go about it. We needed a company willing to service our rural home that also offered financing. Alberta's Permanent Roofing LTD was able and willing to help us. Was a bit cautious about doing everything over the phone and online but Jim assured us it was OK. Financing online through Financeit was easy and the instructions easy to follow. Jake and his crew was able to repair our old, damaged roof and install our new metal one within days. Now we have peace of mind knowing our home is protected with a metal roof that fit our budget. To Jim, Jake & his crew, and Financeit thank you."

S. Christopher

"Tyler is very professional as we watched and heard as Tyler worked with his crew. He spent each time telling him the tricks of roofing and that in itself is priceless. Tyler is very precise in his job and very respectable to us making sure our needs were met. We recommend Tyler and his crew for a job well done."

Della M /Dale Wispinski

"If you want the best protection from hail in Alberta (or anywhere else for that matter...) then you need to call Jim, He's efficient, kind and funny and you will get the best PERMANENT roof you will ever need... The value is terrific and we will never have to replace our roof again instead of having to re-shingle over and over again...THANK YOU Alberta's Permanent roofing Ltd.!!"

Richard Burley

"It was very smooth process all together. I would highly recommend this roof and Alberta’s Permanent Roofing made everything very nice and easy. And the product is the best I have seen or done any research on."

Pat O’Connor

"If you want a quality roof that will last a life time. Go with Alberta Roofing. Top notch service. After many years of dealing with the problems of a shingled roof. I made the switch to Permanent roofing and I'll never go back. Thx"

Calvin Love

“I highly recommend this roof with the 50 year guarantee well worth it; and you have no worries. A big plus was my home insurance went down, so all in all with the peace of mind knowing that if one of my neighbors has a fire the flying embers will not start a fire on my roof."

Robert Belanger

Reviews like this illustrate why so many local home and business owners refer our services to their friends and family. Our team always work hard to help home and business owners find residential and commercial roofing solutions that will enhance the appearance, longevity, and value of local homes and businesses while meeting the challenges of Alberta weather. Contact us to find out for yourself why metal roofing has become so popular in recent years. Take a look at our portfolio to learn more about us and what we can do for your property. Schedule your no-obligation consultation with our roofing experts today.

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